Win(e)ding Roads

When most people think of wine, they think mostly of the ancient vineyards of Italy or France.

In America they think of Napa or Sonoma first. Maybe they consider Washington or Oregon or even New York.

But what about Connecticut? or Illinois, Georgia or Maryland?

The truth is that every state in the nation has at least one bonded winery. While most American wine is made in California, it isn’t the only game in town. Local wineries are springing up all over the country.

As wine lovers, aren’t we obligated to explore them; to try their products and encourage their production?

I think so.

To that end, I am beginning a quest. To travel America’s Win(e)ding Roads… and taste the wines at small, local wineries!

If you have tried the products at a small winery and want to tell everyone about it, feel free to send me a description of your experience, with pictures or video if you have them and we will post as many of them here as we can.

Please submit your entries to:


Now get out there and start exploring!

Kevin and I will be… This weekend in fact!

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2 Responses to Win(e)ding Roads

  1. Rory says:

    Here’s a link from the New York Times about Michigan wine

  2. Sean says:

    Sounds like a great idea.

    While back in the US this summer, InterWined had a great time trying American wines from outside California — by chance and availability that mostly meant wines from Oregon (the number three grower) and Washington (the number two).

    Unfortunately, outside the States, it’s hard to find even these wines.

    Looking forward to reading about what you find on your journey.

    PS. Thanks for the link.