Better Know An AVA

I know that it is hard to imagine that Arkansas would be a center for viticulture and you are probably looking at this and thinking, “Wow, if people in Arkansas are drinking wine, then everyone in the world must be!”

Well, you would be wrong.

See, it turns out that there have been wineries in Arkansas since the 1880s when Swiss and German families began producing wines for themselves and their neighbors.

The region is located in the Arkansas River Valley on a plateau between the river and the Boston Mountains. The soil is a gravelly loam with a high acid content.

There are currently four wineries in the AVA. Three of them, Post Familie, Wiederkehr and Mount Bethel Winery have their roots back in the 19th century. The fourth, Chateau Aux Arc began in 1998 but has ties to the Post Family. The wines produced are largely from locally available grapes: Cynthiana (Norton), Muscadine, Muller Thergau (a Riesling hybrid), Chardonnay, Niagara, Vignoles, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Now if I could just find a way to get a taste of these wines…. Unfortunately, restrictive state laws make it difficult to try these wines without travelling to Arkansas to get them. Do any of you out there know another way? Please tell!

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