Wine and Fall Foliage

Most wineries do the majority of their business in the summer. People take more vacations then, the weather is lovely and you want to spend time picnicing.

But autumn in Illinois is also perfect for checking out your local winery. In particular, if you are heading off to see the beauty of fall at Starved Rock State Park.  The entrance to the park is down the road from the August Hill Winery in Utica.  See the colors and enjoy wine and cheese or stop in to the winery for a tasting.

One of the wines that we have enjoyed Chez Neuman lately was the August Hill Vignoles.  Unlike many Vignoles that I have tasted from other wineries which are light and thin, this wine is fuller bodied while maintaining a delicacy.  Tasting of Golden Delicious apples with a touch of lemon this wine has a smooth finish and nicely balanced acidity.

Better than this Vignoles?  The Seyval Blanc is crisp and bright with rich ripe pears and lime zest.

August Hill also has a great selection of sparkling wines that you would be amazed came from the state of Illinois.

So, take a weekend and visit Starved Rock for the sights, but make a stop in Utica for August Hill as well.

August Hill Winery
106 Mill Street
Utica, Illinois
(815) 667-5211




Gretchen Neuman
VinoVerve Editor
October 12, 2011



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