Wine Blogger’s Conference Starts!

After a short (for me) road trip, VinoVerve and our Partner at Qorkz arrived in Corning.

We are currently listening to Karen MacNeil give her keynote address.  Her speech covered how to write, how to write well and how to build your brand.

The basics are this:

  • Be genuine to yourself and your voice and protect that voice.
  • Do the work.  Make sure you can back up your facts
  • Wineries need to put as much effort into developing their own lexicon as creating their wine
  • On  work/life balance? It don’t exist folks!  But that is why Champagne exists (right on!)
  • Don’t equivocate – tell it like it is!

Lots to take in and think about.

Thanks Karen!


Gretchen Miller Neuman
VinoVerve Editor



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