We at VinoVerve are passionate about wine, but we come from different perspectives.

Rory is the Wine Director at David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago. Kevin is an entrepreneur who knows how to live it up on an expense account. After seven years in New England, Marguerite is attempting to prove Thomas Wolfe wrong and is rediscovering her roots in Michigan one winery at a time. And Gretchen? She is a mom, cook and chauffeur to teenage girls and all-around dork who likes the history and adventure that comes in every bottle and also the way it makes that dull throb in her head at the end of the day go away..

We have been discovering that wine isn’t an exotic elixir that comes from far away lands, but instead can be found in our own neighborhoods or even our own kitchen or garage.  We don’t think we know anymore about wine than anyone else, we are maybe just be willing to look a little closer to home or look some place unusual  to find a great bottle.  We think that this helps us learn more about wine in general but also help our environment.  We hope you will join us and even point us in the direction of your new, local discoveries.

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  1. Melanie McLaren says:

    Is this still an active blog/site? I have purchased the domain name vinoandverve.com and as I’m searching I came across this one.

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