Wine Bunny

Gretchen Neuman
VinoVerve Editor

Yes, I know.. This is not about the Wine Bloggers’ Conference, but rather something that happened to me yesterday. I opened the door to the store to take some recycling to the bin and there practically beneath my feet was this baby. I have never seen a baby bunny so close up and personal. Frankly, for a while I thought that this baby had made its way to my doorstep to croak. I couldn’t even see it breathing.

Eventually, it got used to me hovering near the door enough to move around a bit.

Here is my footage… just because it is cute.

And no. This baby was not offered a complementary tasting.

Vintage Bunnies!

Don’t worry. Kevin isn’t in trouble for showing this to me. I understand that sometimes a boy goes searching around the internet and finds the unexpected. And often the unexpected involves a half-naked girl. or a Playboy Bunny.

He claims to have come upon on it “innocently”. Whatever.

I find it interesting from the Everyone-is-interested-in-wine-these-days perspective. And the inherent pun that comes by juxtaposing vintage Playboy pin-ups to sell vintage wine.

I was a bit surprised about how it is priced. The wine, produced by excellent wineries is not cheap by virtually anyone’s standards with prices ranging from $90-$380 dollars for an individual bottle.

A year’s subscription costs $1,567. Because of that I am not sure if this was wine to collect and look at or if it is for drinking.

One thing I am sure of… with bikinis, Bunnies and babes… this collection is bound to attract attention!