Accidentally Joining a Revolution!

Marguerite Barrett
Contributing Writer

I’ve settled into a regular after work routine – I come home, pet the cat, pour myself a glass of wine, change my clothes and settle in to relax and watch Barefoot Contessa and get inspired for dinner.

Anyway, as I usually drink 1-2 bottles a week with this routine, I’ll send along regular updates of what I’m trying – and what I think about it, starting with a Mark West Central Coast Pinot Noir.

The wine is quite good; let it breathe for about 5-10 minutes once opened, and you’ll have a smooth, full-bodied pinot noir. It’s a marvelous and quite affordable Pinot Noir. This is a wine that I’ll be buying again and again…

BTW – Mark West considers themselves revolutionaries – “Pinot for the People.” Their manifesto states: “We have no land, We have no vineyards, We have no winery.” For more details, check out their website: – and definitely check out their wine!

Willamette Valley Vineyard’s Pinot Noir

By: Marguerite Barrett, Contributing Writer

Last weekend, my friend Christy Sherard introduced me to Willamette Valley Vineyard’s Pinot Noir.

This is one of the best Pinot Noirs I’ve ever had. Gorgeous bouquet, it practically
melts in the mouth. We opened it just before dinner; it was beautiful just on its
own, but when we paired it with the lamb for dinner it really came alive.

Definitely a two-thumbs recommendation!