Geology Term of the Day: Terrane

Terrane, not Terrain. More specifically a tectonostratigraphic terrane

In geology terrane is a block of the Earth’s crust from one tectonic plate that get attaches (accretes) to another plate. A piece of the earth’s crust that differs from the surrounding material, and is separated from it by faults.

Where are they found?

All over California, dude. All over.

Example? Part of Ben Lomond Mountain in California is part of the Salinian Block that is found parts of Santa Cruz County, the Monterrey Peninsula, Bodega Head, Point Reyes and the Farallon Islands. The source of these rocks? The Sierra Nevada Mountains… at least 150 miles to the southeast of the Bodega Bay. How did they get there? After being sliced off the Sierra Nevadas they moved along the San Andreas Fault guided in part by the Big Pine and Nacimiento Faults.

Farallon Islands photo by NOAA

Why does this matter? Ben Lomond Mountain is an AVA which is located on this geological intrusion. Kinda makes the area different from the surrounding terrain, doesn’t it?

News I Can Use

Gretchen Neuman
VinoVerve, Editor

You all know me.

I am a great lover of the current events. So, I scour the news for fantastic and perhaps bizarre news stories.

And today I came up with this:

Red wine may help control weight

Well who the heck has been keeping this information from me?!

Damn you Marie Claire!

Japanese Knotweed a good source of resveratrol

Japanese Knotweed a good source of resveratrol

As it turns out this is one of those stories that is circulating everywhere.  The key seems to be resveratrol, a chemical found in the skins of grapes, particularly muscadine grapes (the native grapes of the Southeast US), hellebore and japanese knotweed (which incidently is a weed I keep trying to kill in my backyard).

Of course, this is probably not news to you as you get 12 emails each day touting how Oprah, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and/or Barbara Walters tout the effects of this stuff, or is that just my email?

The truth is (or at least as near as I can ascertain it), there is not alot of solid science on the matter.  That is not to say that there isn’t alot of science.  But science has many levels and not all of them should be quoted.  See, there might be results but they might not all stand up to the scrutiny of review.  This much we know.  This resveratrol is an oestrogen or an estrogen-type chemical which could be tied to breast cancer (hence drinking will kill you studies).

On the other hand, these compounds have also been know to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and lowering blood sugar levels.

Is this science we can count on? No. There have been no human studies,  and the animal studies are still at the rat stage and  you usually need a study of large animals before you move on to humans.  So obviously, there is still more work to be done. But it is promising.


More in News of the Obvious.

I love science and learning how stuff works.

But sometimes, I am surprised that certain questions had not been asked sooner.

Red wine increases the female sex drive

This fell into the realm of duh. After all, hasn’t this been the male philosophy for several millenia?

The study, itself followed nearly 800 Italian women aged 18-50 (when apparently sex ends)

Women who drank one or two glasses of wine each day were more likely to be more sexually active and more likely to lower inhibitions.

Which once again says, duh to me.

Unfortunately the articles regarding the study are unclear. Were the women offeredanything other than red wine? How did women who drank other things fare?

Still, the story inevitably reinforces the stereotypes of virtually every man I know. So for that I was a little disappointed.