The Joys of Small Package Shops (continued)

Marguerite Barrett

Contributing Writer
As I mentioned in my post of 11/20, I’ve been having a great time exploring the small package shops you find in most CT towns. A few weeks ago, I stopped at The Cordial Shoppe in Canaan, CT and picked up several wines from South Africa.
The one I recently finished is the Sebeka 2007 Cabernet Pinotage. This is a smooth full-bodied wine that is quite affordable – under $10 US. The tasting notes indicate both blackberry and red berry notes, and they combine extremely well. The wine is excellent paired with pasta or meat. Definitely worth checking out.
The label features a cheetah and evokes the spirit of Africa and the Serengeti. One of the most delightful surprises of the wine was to find the cork was printed with a leopard print! I’m enough of a geek that I was absolutely delighted to find they carried the cheetah motif onto the cork!