Sycamore Winery

I visited the Sycamore Winery store in downtown Sycamore, Illinois as part of our first Illinois wine tour. About 69 miles outside of Chicago, the store houses not only wines made from local gapes, but a panoply of winemaking and beer making supplies and ingredients. I did not taste any wine on this leg of the tour as the room did not seem to be set up for tastings. After looking again at the website, I realized I could have done a tasting if I had asked. This seemed a bit confusing though. I did pick-up a few bottles, including a Bergamais and Liebfraumilch which we will be tasting at a later date. Other selections available included:

  • Chardonnay Semillon
  • Cruisin Showcase Piesporter
  • Lowdock Mezza Luna White
  • Musette
  • Colonial White Soave
  • Split Personality Sauvignon Blanc
  • Wild Stallion Australian Murray
  • Bourgeron Rouge
  • Undiscovered Fields Montepoliciano
  • Bay View Zinfandel
  • A Barrel for Two Shiraz
  • Fisherman’s Red Pinot Noir
  • Lost Civilization Chianti
  • Old Time Travel Blackberry
  • Berries Galore Cranberry
  • Lowrider Black Raspberry
  • Train Depot Peach
  • Old School Athletics Tropical
  • Somonauk St. Mango
  • New Beginnings Blueberry
  • Town Square Wildberry

According to the website, Sycamore Winery is locally owned and operated by Sheri and Scott Prutton. Sheri and Scott have been making wine and beer both personally and professionally for years and have won numerous awards. Additionally Scott has received formal training at the Siebel Institute in Chicago. The store is open Tuesday to Thursday Noon till 6PM, Friday Noon till 7PM Saturday 10AM till 4PM, and Sundays, June till September will find them at the French Market in Sycamore.

Sycamore Winery
322 W State Street
Sycamore, IL 60178