Wine, Waffles and Wurst

Waffles and wine?

I had never consider the combination before.

But when you are attending Grand-Duc Henri’s official Chicagoland birthday party that is also the local celebration of National Day it is de rigeur.

Having never had wine from Luxembourg before I was looking forward to this.

The wines were semi-dry versions of standard German varietals, Gewurtraminer and Reisling, light and fruity and very nice on a warm summer night. The adventure was in where it was from. Even married to a Luxembourger for nearly 20 years, I have never before had a sip of their wine or even met more than a handful of people with that heritage. So even sitting among his countryman was unusual.

Along with the “Official” birthday cake (as the Grand-Duc’s birthday was actually in April), we also enjoyed sugar waffles. Sugar waffles looked like thicker, cakier (and not anise-flavored), they are rolled and coated with powdered sugar. I had never heard of a tradition of waffles in Luxembourg and Kevin, well his memories of his childhood are often sketchy as he has not siblings to torment him about his every misstep.

Also available was a platter of wurst. I had been expecting that… anticipating it really. I kept telling Kevin that I was naming this post “Wine, Waffles and Wurst” or at very least “Wine, Waffles and Wieners” and now my dream title had come to fruition.

Ahh… good times.

Oh, where was I?

Yes.. wine.

Due to machinations from the previous Ambassador this year’s festivities were supplied with wine from ons hémécht (our homeland.. also the name of the national anthem.) I believe that the wine came from HIS private vineyard and as a result is not available for purchase. Although, frankly you would be hard pressed to find Luxembourg wines anywhere as most is consumed locally and is not considered the best of the Moselle wines.

I can report that Domaine de l’Etat provided us with a lovely selection of light, semi-dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer. Both were semi-effervescent which was perfect for a warm summer evening.

Despite being difficult to find, there are several U.S. importers, including C.E. Madinger in Kirkwood, MO. It is definitely worth trying and enjoying

A Nice Match

Sometimes I am able to match my wine with my food and sometimes, it is an utter failure.

But tonight was a good night.

Dinner was cassoulet, salad and home baked bread… and red wine.

A 2003 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac. It was so, so nice, standing up to the beans and meats of the main course. I will have to try that again sometime.