South Carolina

The Palmetto State

South Carolina’s wine history has been hit or miss over the last 450 years.  Beginning with a Spanish settlement on Santa Elena, now Parris Island, in 1568.  The site was abandoned by 1587.  Nearly 100 years later, the English sent settlers to South Carolina with the intent of raising silkworms, making wine and pressing olive oil.  Eventually European vinifera grapes were rejected in favor of the native Muscadines.

South Carolina

South Carolina Wine Vital Statistics
Number of Wineries: 16
AVAs: None
Wine Trails: None
Year 1st Winery Established 1568
Varietals Cultivated: Blanc du Bois, Cabernet Sauvignon, Catawba, Cayuga, Chambourcin, Chardonnay, De Chaunac, Melody, Merlot, Muscadine, Pinot Gris, Seyval Blanc, Suwannee, Vidal Blanc, Vignoles
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