South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore State

Winemaking began in South Dakota with settlers into the territory.  The Prairie Berry Winery can trace its wine making tradition back to 1876 when the Vojta family first began homesteading near Mound City.  In the modern (i.e. post-Prohibition) era, the Nygaard family established the first bonded winery in the state, Valiant Vineyards Winery (Eldon Nygaard wrote the South Dakota Farm Winery Act).

South Dakota Wineries

South Dakota Wine Vital Statistics
Number of Wineries: 21
AVAs: None
Wine Trails: None
Year 1st Winery Established 1876
Varietals Cultivated: De Chaunac, Edelweiss, Frontenac, Kay Gray, La Crosse, Niagara, Seyval Blanc, Valiant
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